Seo Url Rewrites

URL rewriting is a great way to have webpage URLs that are:

Use this URL rewriting tool to aid you with writing your own URL rewrites. Then copy&paste it to your .htaccess file located in your website's root directory.

Watch the video below to know what an htaccess file is and how to add your rewrite urls into your .htaccess file.

You may have noticed, in that first video, Adam's example involved dynamic URLs. It is another reason why people use URL rewriting as a solution to make their URLs more seo friendly.

A dynamic URL looks like this:

While a static URL that you may want to rewrite to make your website users' lives easier simply looks something like this:

Do you see the difference? The first one is a dynamic URL. If you URL rewrite that URL, you will be doing a dynamic to static rewrite. Whereas, if you URL rewrite the second URL, you are simply doing a static to static rewrite.

Now, Google says they can crawl dynamic URLs but your dynamic URLs must have fewer than three parameters. If you want your webpage to have a static URL, instead of a dynamic URL, you better make that page a static content page.

Also, Google treats dynamic URLs the same way as they treat static URLs. Here is the video that explains that fact.

From the video that you just saw, you have learned that dynamic URLs are okay. As long as your dynamic URL only has a maximum of 2 to 3 parameters your URL is okay. The reason you want to do that is because there are other search engines out there that you want to make sure can crawl and understand your URLs well.