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Definition Of Terms

See the meaning of everyday SEO words, phrases, and jargons. You'll be able to walk the walk and talk the talk with after reading through this glossary of unavoidable language used by the seo community all over the world. Continue

Stop Words List

Basically, a good salescopy would have the least amount of stop words. Optimize your salescopy to be more user and search engine readable. Internet marketing and search engine optimization expert groups did studies and found out that website visitors generally have a very short attention span. That is why you should begin to publish only salescopy that would create the best positive impact to your conversion rate. Whether you view it as a small step or a big leap towards a more optimized website may be less significant than showing your boss a positive jolt to your success metrics. Continue

Special Characters

Use this list to convert ASCII special characters to HTML codes. Don't get caught publishing content with special character errors in your emails, salescopy, and blog posts, ever again. Continue