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Why Use Keyword Generator?

To expand keyword ideas to build an exhaustive list of relevant long tail keywords that your target market of people may already be using or will be using sometime in the future as they search for answers, that your provide, to solve their problem(s).

Making sure that you are, as much as possible, capable of including the most number of keywords from such an exhaustive keyword list will surely position yourself, your team, and/or your client(s) ahead of the search marketing competition in your industry.

Our Keyword Generator will automatically shuffle your industry relevant keywords which you enter into five separate keyword fields to produce an expanded list of your keyword ideas.

What is the Best Way to Enter My Keyword Ideas?

The quality of each new keyword that the Keyword Generator will generate for you will depend on how well you know your industry, your product or service, and your target demographic of people whom you wish to buy or use your product or service. If you understand those things, then using this keyword research tool doesn't require anything more from you than simply entering keywords whichever box you choose,

To see how it works right away without further experimenting, I recommend, in Word/phrase #1, type the brand name or the adjective used to describe the product. Then in Word/phrase #2, type the product model. And in Word/phrase #3, enter product attributes such as color or size. In Word/phrase #4, type the category of the product. And, finally, in Word/phrase #5, the product manufacturer's geographic location.

So, let's say the keyword you want to expand is iPhone 6. What you can do is type Apple in Word/phrase #1, iPhone 6 in Word/phrase #2, 4.7 inches in Word/phrase #3, smartphone in Word/phrase #4, and California in Word/phrase #5.

Then you might think you don't want California to end up as the first word when the tool gives you the results. To avoid that from happening, tick the checkbox beside "Not as first word" below the Word/phrase #5 input box. There is a "Not as first word" checkbox below the Word/phrase #s 3, 4, and 5.

Then look at your words or phrases again. In our example, you would soon realize that in Word/phrase #2 you can add iPhone 6 Plus. You can make another line or simply separate each word or phrase by a comma. You can add more as you please or click submit first to see results right away and modify it again afterwards.


This free online tool does not specifically tell you what keywords you should use and does not give you keywords that people are actually typing when querying the search engines at any time. Instead, it shows you keywords to include in your content marketing or ad campaigns that people may already have been using and will be using sometime in the future therefore giving you every single chance to stay ahead of your competitors and would be competitors who would for any reason ignore such long tail keyword phrases.

One-click Keyword Expander

This free keyword generator will automatically expand the keyword ideas you enter to show you every possible way people may actually type them in a search engine's search bar. Therefore, this keyword research tool takes you quickly to the part where all you have to do is choose the keyword(s) to use. Then with a few modifications to your keyword ideas you run the tool again and add the result to the previously generated list. Then, you do it again and again until your list is fully comprehensive enough to server your content marketing or paid marketing strategy.

Let your competitors work with spreadsheets while you generate massive keyword lists with one click of a button. How? This tool generates every possible combination you can get by modifying the words you enter into the boxes above. If you haven't done it yet, trying to compete with a PPC expert's keyword list containing thousands to millions of keywords is an impossibility without a keyword generator like this to automatically list down possible long tail keywords from a few main keyphrase ideas. It saves time, and is more accurate.

Expanding keywords over and over until you have an exhaustive list of all keywords your target demographic of people may type into Google at any point in time is one of the tricks PPC marketing experts do to find tons of keywords to add into their paid advertising campaigns - keywords that average marketers will likely miss. Would you rather filter out good keywords from a short mediocre list or from a keyword list of hundreds to millions of relevant long tail keywords? Our free keyword generator tool aims to help minimize your chances of missing those keywords that make your ad campaign profitable and your website's content more seo friendly.