About CoderSEO

Mission Statement

Provide free online SEO productivity tools for coders and non-coders who want to build search engine friendly websites.

Brief History

In 2012, I thought about simplifying my own SEO tasks, such as writing title tags and meta descriptions. I wanted a way to measure the number of characters and words as I type them without the need to switch between two or more tools. I didn't even want to click a button anymore to generate a character count or word count.

For example, when writing a title tag, I only need a few information which are: the character count, the word count, and the html code if I need to copy & paste it to a static webpage. These are the only things I need. So I realized I don't want to take my hands off the keyboard anymore, not even once, just to get these few things I need from a second or a third tool. Moreover, I want to type into only one tool without having the need to copy & paste what I finished typing into another tool to check whether I did it right especially when it comes to the coding syntax.

Why did I want to solve this problem for myself? It is because as a full time SEO and Web Developer, I am required to do On-page Search Engine Optimization in bulk and for more than one website. Working in and out of a spreadsheet involves several mouse clicks to implement and record my changes and a tool such as the Title tag Generator removes a significant number of clicks in this highly repetitive process.

Needless to say I personally use the tools on this site to carry out those same tasks eversince I had just a few that I started developing locally on a portable flash drive several months before going live on June 15, 2013. I built a website around these tools by using these tools to help with the task of optimizing the site's pages. I really want to share them for free to pay it forward as I am very grateful for other people's free online resources that gave me the capacity to be able to build such a website that aims to help provide solutions to other people as well. The tools you will find on CoderSEO.com work for me personally and I know that these tools will also work for you.