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Write your title first then check this area to see whether your finished title will fit in a Google search result snippet title well enough to get the click.

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Check this area after finishing your title to see whether it will fit in a Bing search result snippet title well enough to get the click.

About Title Tag Generator SEO Tool

Use this title tag generator as a quick tool for writing a well optimized page title for every web page on your website. We hope that this kind of seo productivity tool we are bringing you will serve as a very handy online seo tool for you. We are doing the best we could to let you focus on writing your seo friendly page title without worrying about the code that must surround it. (The opening <title> and closing </title> tags and your text between them comprise your whole title tag). We use this online title tag generator ourselves when writing seo friendly titles.

Any plain text that is written between the <title></title> tags will be visible to people via their Internet browser's title bar. These titles are shown as clickable text in search engine results pages. This makes each title tag a very important part of your web page. It is also very important that you give each web page a unique page title. Search engines crawl web pages to learn what each page is about. Search engine spiders crawl from top to bottom, left to right. This puts the title tag the very first thing that the search engine spider or robot will see.

Being very good at writing title tags, with or without this tool, does not guarantee the title you wrote will be displayed in the SERPs exactly the way you wrote it. Google has its automatic way of choosing an alternate title for your page in the search results and so does Bing.

How to Write A Good Title Tag

Here is a video that shows you how to write your SEO title tags.

Let Me Give You My Personal Title Tag Length Secrets

I recommend that you write a title 45 to 60 characters in length to see your title tag fit well into the Google search results snippet title. Less than 45 characters will be too short. Too short titles limit your opportunity to maximize the title's message. That message should help you get the click from the person who searched Google with the keyword(s) you want to be found for.

Too long titles do the same thing because your titles get cut-off and appear to be conveying an incomplete message to your target audience. A 60 characters in length title will fit nicely into the space alloted for search results snippet titles in Google.

If you can write a compelling title in 60 characters then rest assured it will be easier for people to read because it is in full length and conveys a complete message.

In the SERPs, Google bolds the words in your title to match the keywords used by the person doing the search. Google bolds those words to prove that the search results, which includes your web page, are correct. Because of this bolding of keywords, there is a possibility that a 61 to 66 characters in length title will get cut off.

Check your 61 to 66 character length title carefully for repeated keywords. They will all show up in the search results in bold letters making your title slightly wider in pixels and will be the reason it will get cut off.

Title Tag Importance

The title tag is the part of your website that has the biggest impact to your organic search engine rankings. Your web page's targeted keyword must be in the title tag. It is also a good practice to include your company name or brand in the title tag.

Most importantly, each title tag has to be unique. Each title tag on your site has to be different from one another and different from other people's page titles. You must never have a title tag that is a duplicate of a page on your website or your competitor's site.

A search engine looks at title tags like you would look at book titles. You want to see the book's title because you want to know what the book is all about. And, it is always easy to find a book when the topic that you wish to read about is the title or a part of it. Also, you always expect book titles are not very long. If you see long writing on a book's cover, you are likely to view it as something else other than the title.

So remember, when writing a title tag, keep it short yet concise. Among other words in your title, put your target keyword as near to the front as possible. It is a well known fact that we Internet users have a short attention span with regards to reading content on our computer screens. That is why you have to make sure that your title can grab attention resulting to clickthroughs.

Search engines like Google will refuse to index and rank web pages that share the same exact title. And, aside from being unique, you have to make sure that you include your target keyword in the title of your page. Optimizing your title means it must be long enough to fit within the alloted space for search engine results snippet titles. It cannot be too short and cannot be too long. We recommend a minimum length of not less than 50 characters including spaces. The maximum optimum length we recommend is 66 characters including spaces. Going beyond 66 characters will make your title appear incomplete as it gets cut off (especially when any keyword in it gets bolded) in the search results page. Search engines display titles in search results as one-liners. Because of this, a web page title that is too long will not be shown in full.

There's Something Else

Sometimes your own snippet, in Google search results, will be showing a different title than what you have actually written as your webpage SEO title.

Google does this change in an effort to show that your webpage is really relevant to the searcher's query. Watch the following video to understand what I mean.

Your Next Step

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