PHP Copyright

How to Use PHP Copyright

  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Change the time zone to your preferred timezone in line 21 of php-copyright.php. Here is a List of Supported Timezones
  3. Change the domain name to your domain name in line 23 of the same
  4. Upload the php-copyright folder via FTP to your server's root directory.
  5. Place this code in the footer or anywhere you want to display a copyright notice on your website:

<?php include ''; ?>

Replace "" with your domain name.

Setup your automatic copyright notice updater.

Download PHP Copyright

Never worry if your copyright notice gets updated on the first day of the new year ever again.

For the demo, checkout our copyright notice in the footer area at the bottom of this page.

What do you get when you download PHP Copyright?

This first PHP file is responsible for putting all together the copyright notice that will eventually be visible to your website users. You don't have to edit this file to make PHP Copyright show the correct year and your company/domain name.


The next file is the only file that you need to edit on two key points if you want to use PHP Copyright script again on several other websites. See steps 3 & 4 from the instructions above or simply locate and replace 'Asia/Manila' and 'Coderseo' with your timezone and domain name respectively.


Please use the Download PHP Copyright button above to get the files with the correct line numberings as described in the instructions above. (Recommended).

Here is the license that goes with each PHP file if you feel more at ease to copy and paste the code codes and then create files yourself:

GNU license

That's all.

Download PHP Copyright now.