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How to Write Title Tag Code

Writing title tag code is really easy if you break it down to two parts. First, the page title in plain text, and second, the html tags that come before and after the plain text. So, looking at the sample title tag code below, you will see that the blue colored text is the page title while the red colored text are the html title tags.

<title>My Page Title in Plain Text</title>

A website developer uses a HTML editor when creating websites. HTML editors are softwares that website builders use either for writing their own website code or editing built-in codes of ready made website templates. You can also use a html editor when writing or editing page title tags.

You can write your own full title tag, i.e. the plain text plus the html title tag code, or use our online Title Tag Generator. Using the tool lets you concentrate on writing the title itself without having to worry about the html code. Also, since it's online which is where you are probably all the time, accessing the Title Tag generator is faster, easier, and more convenient to do than opening a html editor software on your computer just to write a single page title or title tag. You can use our Title Tag Generator free of charge.

How to Write Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization

Before writing a page title, you must re-examine the webpage you are writing the title tag for. This is very important because you must only give the webpage a title that is relevant to what the webpage is all about. It is easy when you start with what the page really is. Plainly state the page's main subject matter instead of writing something you want search engines to see. After writing it plainly, move words around to form the main keyword you think people will actually type in the search engines to find the information they need which your web page now provides. Your goal is for that page to show up in the SERPs each time someone types that keyword in Google. Now, that goal is highly possible. Read my blog post to learn how to help Google make it easy for people to find your web pages in the SERPs.