Why Standout From The SERP Crowd?

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Getting clicks is the next thing you need to accomplish once your website or blog gets indexed and ranked in the SERPs. The amount of clicks to your website will depend on how well you can draw attention towards your website in the search results pages.

Below are the reasons why you must standout from the SERP crowd to get people to click through the organic search results and land on your website.

If you have a blog:

  • You want to have as many readers as possible.  You want more and more people to know what your blog is all about. You want proof and validation that you are actually publishing information and knowledge that is useful to the majority of Internet users.
  • Having more and more free search engine traffic puts you in a position where you can effectively promote your product or other people’s products for free.
  • If you’ve setup social sharing buttons on your blog, more traffic means more chances your content will get shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.
  • If you are getting paid to display ads on your website, tons of free search engine traffic can boost your net profits from publishing other people’s ads.

If you are operating an online store:

  • You want as many customers as possible. You want more and more people to shop and then buy products that you offer on your eCommerce site. You want more revenue and profits that you will use to produce more products to sell.
  • Truckloads of qualified traffic coming from the search engines save you a lot of money that you didn’t have to spend on paying to advertise the hundreds or maybe thousands of products that you offer.

If you are running an online forum:

  • You want to constantly grow the number of active forum members. You may want to make a difference by making your forum the best place online where people from around the globe can meet, share ideas, solve problems, build networks, build professional and/or personal relationships, or simply draw some attention to themselves if they want.
  • If you get paid to display ads on your online forum, the wider audience that you and your forum members are drawing in organically can bring you a significant amount of revenue simply by providing advertisers a lucrative place to get noticed by their target market.

If you manage a nonprofit organization website:

  • You want your website to get found by more and more people who want to support the same cause you are doing your best to support. You want proof that you are not alone in your support for such a good cause and that there are still good people who are willing to donate their time, money, and effort without expecting anything in return.
  • Your organization may be in need of funding from as many sources as possible. More and more people learning about your organization through the search engines and clicking through to your nonprofit site can help spread your message faster and at a larger scale than you may have thought possible. You will be able to raise the funds even while you are sleeping – literally.

If you are maintaining a corporate website of a bank, a well-established clothing company, a shopping mall, a soft drink company, a software company, etc:

  • Your company may want huge volumes of traffic from organic search results because, aside from TV and radio commercials you already have running simultaneously, your corporate site contains landing page content that promote your ongoing campaigns for products, organizations (nonprofit or otherwise), sports tournaments, movies, or even scholarships that your company is sponsoring.
  • Your company may even want a large volume of free organic search traffic to view or possibly help promote your own new product launching campaign. You may have planned for qualified traffic from the major search engines to hurry and take a large inventory of your product out of the shelves from stores all over the country in the shortest amount of time.

Now you know

With the reasons above, I’ve only scratched the surface of all the rewarding things that could happen when you make it a point to standout from the noisy SERP crowd.

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