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Yes, search engines do compete with each other. Don’t get the wrong idea though. I am not going to talk about how each search engine company runs and operates a search engine business. All I want to do here is give you the right reasons for doing Search Engine Optimization. Having said that, let me clarify even further, I am not going to argue whether you should or should not do Search Engine Optimization either. But, should you decide you have to do Search Engine Optimization, here are the reasons that would hopefully bring you to better understand how to achieve the best results for yourself or for clients.

The search engines are basically competing around these three areas:

  1. To be known to deliver the best search results.
  2. To be known as the fastest.
  3. To be known as the most trusted.

Search Engines Want Quality Information

Today’s top search engines, namely, Google Yahoo, Microsoft (Bing), have years of learning what people expect when they do a search. People use search engines when they want a solution to their problems and all other resources in their possession doesn’t provide the exact solution.

What you can do so that your website or blog is ranked better than others who offer the same product, service, news, tutorial as yours?

Search Engines Want Speed

The major search engines, Google Yahoo, and Bing, are known to be super fast. To be a very successful search engine, you have be able to display search results for every single query in just a few milliseconds. And, those search results must be the most up to date. You can’t tell today’s news tomorrow. One can actually tweet to followers about an earthquake while it’s happening. A search engine must be able to deliver the latest news about that same earthquake and also the tweet that started to talk about the earthquake with his or her friends.

What are you going to do about the fact that search engines want information about your business as it happens?

Search Engines Want Your Trust

The more we trust a search engine the more often we use it. And, yes, just like any other business, that’s when they make the most money. But, how does that affect the way you should optimize your web site, share your content, and promote your product or service online? Simple. Do the things that will make these search engines trust you. Gaining the trust of search engines means you’ll show up in their search results more and a lot closer to the top of the rankings.

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