Search Engine Ranking Success Like Winning the Lottery

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As a website owner, you may be at a lost for any reason you should follow search engine guidelines. I understand your situation. In fact, I salute you!

In my previous post, I recommended the following of search engine guidelines as one of the several ways to gain a position where your online business is above the competition in terms of higher search engine rankings. But what if you don’t care for rankings at all?

I admire that you are aware of your right to think and do what’s best for your own website and your own customers as well.

You are doing your best to build a successful online business. Pleasing your own customers is your main focus. The idea of pleasing the search engines should never be in your list of priorities.

So, there you are doing great with your online business which you consider a success. You’re doing great in all areas of operating your business and the profits are amazing. You’ve made it all possible without SEO. Congratulations!

But what if I tell you that, making search engine optimization a part of your business plan, you can increase your profits with the same volume of traffic you have right now?

Yes! It is possible. And, do you know why it’s possible?

It is because people already like going to your website and buying your products!

Giving search engine optimization a chance can let you gradually decrease your paid advertising spending to zero dollars.

In short, you can use SEO to increase your profits by reducing your expenses.

How are you going to do that? Well, you can start with reading the search engine guidelines and implement the SEO best practices in-house or hire an outsider with a reputation for doing effective SEO work.

I am telling you, if you plan for this carefully, you can make the right SEO strategies actually let you bring your paid advertising expenses down to zero and make more profits way beyond your expectations.

When that happens, that you feel like you’ve won the lottery, you can buy me a beer and we’ll call it even.

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