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How To Change Meta Information In Magento Community Edition 1.x

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This post will show you how to change meta information in Magento site pages via the admin dashboard. And, since absolutely no HTML coding is required, you can delegate this task to anyone who can copy & paste pre-written material.

Changing the meta information of all the pages on your Magento site becomes easy after you learn how to do it. All you need to know is where to input the page title, meta description, and meta keywords you want. You can input them all from within your Magento store’s admin dashboard (a.k.a Magento backend).

So, you can change the meta information for the category pages, product pages, homepage, and content pages via the backend. However, none of the backend’s main navigation menu tabs make it really obvious. The form field labels also have a tendency to confuse by referring to the page title as Page Title for one field and Meta Title for the another field. Follow the steps I’ve listed below when you are optimizing a Magento site’s pages.


  1. Go to CMS => Pages.
  2. Next, click to edit the page block row item that is responsible for displaying content on your site’s homepage. If you aren’t sure which one, find the one with the word “home” in its Url Key.
  3. Now, replace the default theme’s Page Title with your own title under the Page Information tab.
  4. Then, click the Meta Data tab also from the left menu. You will see the two fields where you can enter your own keywords (comma separated) and meta description.
  5. Finally, click the Save Page button from the upper-right.

Category Pages

  1. Go to Catalog => Manage Categories.
  2. Then, from the left column, click the category where you want to add your own meta information. Under the General Information tab, you will see the fields where you can enter your own page title, meta description, and meta keywords.
  3. Finally, click Save Category button from the upper-right.

Product Pages

  1. Go to Catalog => Manage Products.
  2. Next, click a product row item from the table that lists all your products in the database.
  3. Then, click Meta Information tab from the left menu. You will find the fields where you can enter your own title, meta description, and meta keywords under this product details tab.
  4. Finally, click the Save button from the upper-right.

Content Pages

It is a content page if the page is not the homepage or any of the category and product pages. All your content pages are found under CMS => Pages. So, edit or add meta information on a content page the same way you do it for the homepage.

So, there you have it. Now that you know how to change meta information in Magento. Please let me know in the comments your results after applying it. And, please don’t forget to subscribe now to let updates and tips like these come to your inbox as they happen. Happy optimizing!

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