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Category: How SEO Works

How does Search Engine Optimization or SEO work? And, to know how it works you must first know how search works.

Feed That Value-hungry Organic Search Traffic

Posted in How SEO Works

Let’s say you got found, got noticed and got clicked by your potential buyer(s) coming from organic search results. Will this free organic search traffic…

Are You Getting Organic Clicks Or Getting Ignored Organically?

Posted in How SEO Works

Search engine optimization work continues even after the search engines have indexed your site. And, even when it ranks well on top of the SERPs.…

Why Standout From The SERP Crowd?

Posted in How SEO Works

Getting clicks is the next thing you need to accomplish once your website or blog gets indexed and ranked in the SERPs. The amount of…

Search Engine Ranking Success Like Winning the Lottery

Posted in How SEO Works

As a website owner, you may be at a lost for any reason you should follow search engine guidelines. I understand your situation. In fact,…

SEO Best Practices

Posted in How SEO Works

On my previous post, I talked about how search engines compete. You’ve learned that they compete much the same way other types of businesses do.…

Search Engines Compete

Posted in How SEO Works

Yes, search engines do compete with each other. Don’t get the wrong idea though. I am not going to talk about how each search engine…

The Game of SEO

Posted in How SEO Works

Hello and welcome to my blog where I’ll try to explain how SEO works. I’ll do my best to discuss basic SEO concepts to avoid…