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Meta Description Generator helps write your meta descriptions faster.

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Our Meta Description Generator does four things:

  1. It writes your meta description tag code as you type your description.
  2. It counts the character length of what you are typing to let you know how much room is left for you to continue writing.
  3. It forces you to write within the most seo-friendly meta description length of 156 characters.
  4. It lets you select the entire output code with one click inside the textarea.

A meta description that is optimized to 156 characters or less will get displayed in full length even when any keyword in it gets bolded in the search engine results snippet.

You can use this meta description generator freely so you can compose, type, and measure your seo-friendly description all in one go.

You do the writing while you leave the counting and the coding to the meta description generator. Writing a very compelling meta description that search engines would love to show its users must be your main focus. Leave the counting and the coding to this meta description generator we had made just for you.

The goal is to have a meta description that search engines can fully show in their search results snippets. Otherwise, the rest of your description will get cut off from your potential customer's view, leaving her not completely satisfied with what she have seen or read. This will surely leave each of your potential customers to react by looking towards your competitor's direction. Therefore, search engine optimization can definitely make a difference when done correctly in this area of your traffic driving campaign.

SEO Importance Highlights

Meta Description Tag Importance

The meta description tag is one of the important parts of your website that can make or break your traffic driving campaign. You've made it when you see a boost in traffic coming from your website's organic search referral statistics. You lose search engine traffic each time people don't find the description, i.e. in your meta description tag, compelling enough for them to clickthrough.

However, you can't just write a good long description to say everything you want to say. There is no way all of it will show up in a search engine result snippet. And, according to search engine guidelines, the meta description tag is not a place to put long strings of keywords. That is why, the only way is, you have to be observant of what search engines, like Google, offer you so that your would be customers will click upon finding you in the search engine results pages.

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